Staffing Solutions

1. Permanent Staffing Solutions

Strong team of consultants is dedicated to help your company successfully achieve its business goals in today's dynamic environment. We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the fastest Turn Around Time & at the best Conversions Ratios. We first study your requirements, undertake extensive research (with the help of few Technical Software Engineers) which helps us to map out the relevant industry, identify potential job seekers, create interest about your company and finally recommend interested and suitable profiles to you through a set, pre-defined process. By tailoring our search to your unique needs we are able to shortlist the individual or team most capable of handling the challenges that lie ahead. We have few Software Engineers from technical development, Quality and management background in our team, who has tiger share in our extensive research. Do browse through our website to get better acquainted with our portfolio of services and domain expertise. We look forward to partnering with you to find the perfect match every time. If you are a candidate from Indian job market, submit your resume by mailing us at . If you are a candidate apart from Indian job market, submit your resume by mailing us at .

2. Temporary Staffing Solutions

Why use temporary staffing services?

Approximately 75% of all business expenses are related to recruitment, hiring, turnover, benefits and absenteeism. Rectitude provides recruitment and staffing solutions for temporary employees and other forms of flexible staffing, with several ways to reduce costs and optimize your human resource ROI.

  • Recruitment Cost Savings: Rectitude manages all employee recruitment allowing you to focus on your business and what you do best.
  • On Demand Hiring: By utilizing temporary resources instead of your own staff during peak business periods, you can eliminate high payroll expenditures during low business periods.
  • Overtime Savings: You can save on high overtime costs and maintain peak production by having additional temporary employees working shorter hours and/or only during peak periods.
  • Training Cost Savings: Rectitude tests applicant knowledge, skills and personality with Xpert®, our web-based assessment system to accurately determine the candidate’s qualifications up front. Additionally, we will offer training to candidates to upgrade their skills to ensure they are employment ready for you.

Leading the way in technology.

Rectitude leads the way in technology innovation. As one of our largest budget lines, we continue to find ways to improve efficiency and the ulient experience through technology advancements.

  • End to End Technology: Rectitude delivers an integrated end to end technology solution. Our systems from recruitment to payroll to billing all integrate to ensure accuracy of data thus improving efficiency, reducing errors and ultimately Rectitude’s cost to serve.
  • Reporting: Rectitude utilizes a robust reporting tool that touts an extensive suite of standard and customizable reports.
  • Time Capture: Rectitude has an extensive array of time capture tools that eliminate the need for paper based timesheets. Not only is this an effective time capture solution, it also helps ‘save the planet’ through paper reduction. Through this tool, ulient managers can approve time and expenses on-line and utilize self-serve reporting and dashboards for easy review of temporary resource time worked.
  • Rectitude’s HR Consulting Services is a full, professional Human Resources toolbox, a combination of specialized knowledge and skills, focused on providing you with successful solutions to your Human Resources management challenges, primarily in the area of recruitment.

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